What to look out for on your next calibration visit

Have you ever been concerned that your tools are not being calibrated correctly? It may not be something you have considered, but through our 30 years within the industry, we have found that there are a few ways to spot if your tools are being properly calibrated.


Our first tip is to check the sticker placement on your tools. If your current sticker is stacked on top over numerous other stickers from previous years, your tool may not be calibrated correctly. You can see an example of this on the left, within the image gallery.


Our second tip is to check your calibration certificates. If your recordings are mainly whole numbers, there is a chance they have not been calibrated correctly. This is because tools are most likely to record a reading with a decimal. Your report should include a mix of whole numbers and decimal numbers. You can see an example of a correct and incorrect certificate in the image gallery.


These tips can help you ensure that your tools are always in their best condition. We can guarantee that we will calibrate your tools to an exceptionally high standard thanks to our trained engineers. If you have found your tools are being incorrectly calibrated, email us at or call 01709 542334 for a quote.