Air Suspension Load Simulator

Air Suspension Load Simulator

The air suspension load simulator simulates full load air brake pressure through your air suspension, also enabling you to carry out brake pressure tests without having a full load on the vehicle.

Furthermore, ensuring that your full load air brake pressure is correctly set up within an air suspension system.

Air suspension load simulator gives you the ability to set-up your air brake system correctly as well as across all the axles. (using the test case to show all axle pressures at the same time.)

Finally, the simulator is used in conjunction with the air brake test case together with the emergency roadside gauge.


The kit contains:

  • 10 Bar 0.5% accuracy 6“ gauge (25% pressure overrating).
  • 12 Bar regulator for pressurising the system.
  • 8 bar blow off brass protection valve. (to safeguard your airbags).
  • 2 x 5m hoses with M16 x 1.5 quick release test point adaptors.
  • 12” x 12” Durable, protective case also with a foam insert.
  • Installation, in addition to clear operating instructions, included.



  • Simulates full load air brake pressures within an air suspension system.
  • Accurate set-ups using the 10 Bar gauge with divisions of 0.1 Bar.
  • Testing of air brakes without the need for a full load.
  • The simulator can use external or on the vehicle air supply.


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